Web Games

Web games

Following to your ideas, needs, your brand, product, service and visual identity we can develop and deliver all kind of games using the latest web technology (virtual reality, augmented reality) and responsive design. You can play and enjoy them within the browser on virtually all devices and platforms regardless of operating system used.

Games can be designed and developed for:
Children (adventure, arcade, shooters...)
Adults (brain teasers, puzzles, logic games...)
Educational institutions (preschools, childcare, elementary schools, universities and academic...)
Healthcare (autism detection, therapy...)
Companies (brand, products and services promotion, operating machinery, gamification processing materials...)
Tourist offices and commercial fairs (service promotion)
Artists and music bands (interactive projects and album promotion)

While developing the games our goal is complete interaction with the user. Managing the games in different ways results in a complete sense of interaction. In addition to classic gaming control (point and click/touch), we apply innovative audio visual technology using camera (management gesture) and/or using audio (voice command for a new quick way to interact or to enable playing for disabled persons who are unable to use their hands for interaction e.g. control characters, etc.).

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