AI & Big Data

Big Data

Nowadays, when information is one of the most important resources for business, it is imperative to extract and interpret the information relevant for decision-making from all available sources.

Information that users create through social networks are unstructured data that reflects their emotions, desires and attitudes. In addition, different types of data can be created by devices (sensors) from mobile devices that people use. Analysis of this type of data is particularly challenging in view of their quantity, variety and speed at which they are generated (big data). Classic database solutions that include structured data in the form of tables cannot be applied here as well as current methods for knowledge discovery from these data (data mining).

By using artificial intelligence (deep learning with neural nets and other advanced machine learning algorithms), processing methods and analysis of streamed data (stream data mining) and applying state of the art open source technologies (Tensorflow, Hadoop ecosystem, Spark, Storm), our scientists are able to develop predictive models and visual interpretation for your requirements. Such insight into behavior and understanding of end user expectations will enable you to develop a new product or improve existing one, to maximize its added value and to offer and place it on the market in the right place at the right time.